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Automate charging operations for your fleet. Connect vehicles, charging stations, drivers and the grid. Use a compliant, interoperable, compatible system for charging. Simplify energy billing and consumption. Access electric ‘fuel’ quickly across South Africa, at any retail or commercial locations.


Our CaaS solution assumes responsibility for all aspects of charging your EV fleet, from EVSE procurement and installation to operations and maintenance.

Charge Management

Our charge management system enables us to automate charging for your team by ensuring vehicles, daily travel distances and energy availability is optimised, ensuring vehicles are not only charged but at the lowest possible energy cost.

Maintenance and Repair

With CaaS, we remotely monitor uptime, check station diagnostics, and diagnose issues before they affect your operation. Our team of specialists will also ensure your stations are repaired in case of any hardware failure.


Our energy and carbon analytics dashboard will ensure that you have all the information you need to make better operational decisions. Savings are quantified so that ROI is visible to all your stakeholders.

Monitoring and Control

Monitor driver charging behaviour, energy expenditure, fuel savings, carbon saved and distance travelled with our charge management system.

Simplified Payments

We automate organisational billing and invoicing, payment reconciliation from independent drivers and customers. Enable mobile payments for independent drivers and customers via credit, debit, Apple and Google pay.
Fleet charging solution

Industry leading Charging Solution

We connect your vehicles, charging stations, drivers and the grid with our industry leading charging solution to simplify electric fleet operations.

Fleet and location web dashboards

Roaming apps for Android and iOS

Analytics and reporting dashboard

User support portal and knowledge base

Charging infrastructure

  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • Installation and testing of charging stations at all your locations
  • Vehicle and energy usage tracking
  • OCPP based charging controls
  • Intelligent charging automation using dynamic scheduling
  • Energy profiles and location usage profiles

Integrated energy management

  • Site level energy optimisation
  • Schedule based site level optimisation
  • Mixed supply (solar PV and grid) based energy optimisation
  • Tariff rates energy optimisation
  • Real-time control
  • Load predictions
  • Schedule planning
  • Solar and battery integration

Billing and payments

  • Automated organisation billing and invoicing
  • Payment reconciliation from independent drivers and customers
  • Upfront purchase or rental options
  • Mobile payments for independent drivers and customers

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