Zimi is the only EV charging software your fleet operations team will ever need.

Circle icon. Zimi charge. Zimi. Empowering electric fleets.
Circle icon. Zimi charge. Zimi. Empowering electric fleets.Circle icon. Zimi charge. Zimi. Empowering electric fleets.Circle icon. Zimi charge. Zimi. Empowering electric fleets.

Increase reliability

Reduce infrastructure and energy costs

Accelerate your EV roll-out

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Manage charging stations at any of your locations to scale electric vehicle operations.

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Verify the amount of carbon saved by going electric across your entire fleet.

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Charge when and where it makes sense to ensure you can deliver on time while saving money.

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Reimburse location energy bills, get access to public chargers and simplify reimbursements.

EV Fleet Charging software

Your EV Charging Expert.

Zimi is an EV charging platform built specifically for commercial fleets. We help your operational team plan for EV roll outs, manage infrastructure and track EVs so you can save money.

No more expensive consultants. No more unreliable chargers. No more expensive data APIs. Zimi is your in-house EV charging expert.

Charge dashboard


Connect any EV charger.
Track charging across all your locations.
Smart load management for any supply point.
Detailed energy data on site, charger and session level.
Measure charger uptime across all your infrastructure.


Live EV battery state of charge.
Forecast range remaining per EV.
EV charge status.
Energy consumption analytics.
EV Explorer for all new EVs.
Charge planner for operational planning.

Fleet dashboard
Cost analysis dashboard

Total cost of Ownership

Cumulative and breakdown TCO for any vehicle.
ROI calculation report.
Utility cost matched to your specific location.
Carbon data for your EV fleet to be used for emissions reporting or tax claims.


Automated payments collection.
Location specific utility tariffs for location or driver reimbursement.
View and access public chargers.
Custom tariffs per location.

Payments dashboard
Charge. Fleet. Carbon. Pay.

Let the numbers speak for themselves.


Faster EV roll out

No more expensive consultants


Charger uptime

Reliability you can count on


Carbon tracked

Carbon audits simplified


Hours saved

Billing and reimbursements automated

Use cases

Typical logistics providers have large fleets and rely on dependable transportation to ensure all components of a supply chain are running effectively. To support their transition from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric vehicles (EVs), Zimi implements a tailored charge management solution. Each truck converted to electric is paired with an AC charging station at its overnight parking location, with our software guaranteeing a full charge each morning and a reliable real range that is sufficient for daytime deliveries. To further enhance efficiency, we may also install 60 or 120kW ultrafast chargers strategically between loading bays. These installations facilitate quick top-ups during the day, significantly reducing range anxiety for both drivers and fleet managers. This robust infrastructure ensures seamless operations and continuous delivery, allowing businesses to roll out 3X the infrastructure at the same cost.

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Fleet managers of field operation vehicles struggle to cut the total cost of ownership of their fleet without sacrificing on the service their clients receive. Zimi allows them to roll out 22kW AC charging infrastructure and software that allows them to maximise their fuel savings. The typical max daily mileage of these vehicles is about 120km, which is well within the real range of their electric vehicles. This allows field teams to perform technical services at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing on quality. By adopting the most sustainable and technologically advanced EVs available, our clients not only reduce fuel costs by up to 90%, but also enhance their market differentiation through improved consumer perceptions of their commitment to sustainability and innovation. This strategic advantage positions them as leaders in both service excellence and environmental responsibility.

Purple quotation mark. Zimi. Zimi Branding. Brand colours. Zimi EV Chargers. ZIMI. Electric Vehicle Charger. Empowering Electric Fleets. Electric Fleet charging. EV Charger.

Many companies have sales teams that would like to utilise electric vehicles (EVs) but do not always park overnight at company headquarters. To support this flexible arrangement, Zimi can implement charging infrastructure at the homes of employees. Additionally, our charge management software is designed to seamlessly integrate home and public charging, enabling employees to easily charge their EVs wherever they are and claim the expenses from their company. This solution significantly reduces the time sales personnel spend refuelling, allowing them to devote more time to client engagement and service. By facilitating efficient energy management and simplifying administrative processes, Zimi helps enhance productivity and satisfaction in field sales teams.


Charger connector


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Compatible with any EV charger

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Automated session tracking and analysis

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Manage chargers across all locations

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Active uptime monitoring

Platform and Support


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Live chat support for drivers and locations

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Explore all available EVs, including pricing and range

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Plan charging and infrastructure placement

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Calculate TCO costs for any EV before making the switch

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Free integration with your telematics provider for live views

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Measure EV electricity consumption across fleet

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Diagnose and solve charging issues

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Optimise charging schedule