Scale charging

We roll out charging stations at any of your locations to scale electric vehicle operations.

Track carbon

Verify the amount of carbon saved by going electric across your entire fleet.

Manage energy

Charge when and where it makes sense to ensure you can deliver on time while saving money.

Simplify payments

Reimburse location energy bills, get access to public chargers and simplify invoicing.

What we do

Empowering electric fleets.

Whether you manage fleets being used for delivery, logistics, rentals, e-hailing or technical services, Zimi will ensure you are fully charged.

Charge your motorbike, rickshaw, car, van or truck at any of your locations by using ZimiTM.

energy insights

Let the numbers speak for themselves.


Kilometers delivered.

The number of electric kilometers that have been driven by our customers, mobilising people, goods and services.


Carbon saved.

Kilograms of CO2 savings quantified for our customers going electric, helping to fight climate change.


Fuel cost saved.

Rands saved from going electric, ensuring you drive down cost per kilometer.


Sessions supported.

Number of sessions supported by our charging solutions, ensuring you can expand e-mobility across all your locations.

We make transitioning to an electric fleet easier.

Scale Efficiently

Scaling charging infrastructure across multiple locations

Reduce Cost

Significantly reducing your cost per km

Quantify Carbon

Quantifying carbon savings as you go electric

What our clients say

Easy to use and convenient! Makes planning my daily charges a breeze.

We have been looking for ways to go more green for the past few years. The issue was that we couldn't find a partner that understood our current and future needs. This collaboration will help build momentum toward sustainability and e-mobility for our employees and customers.

The informatics data that Zimi supplies make it easier for my business to get insights into my CO2 emissions. It is important for me to show the advantages to my client when they use my product. The Zimi insights and charging stations make this easier - in addition, the platform is easy to use and quick to understand.

Choose your Plan

Combine infrastructure and services to meet your charging needs.

Rent or own.


Scale charging
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Turn-key Charging Stations

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Roll-out and Installation

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Charging of any Vehicle

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Tie into any Electrical Supply

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Energy & Carbon

charge sustainably
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Energy Tracking and Management

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Location and Driver Apps

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Energy and Carbon Insights

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Remote and On-site support

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SaaS & Pay-per-use


Simplify payments
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One-click Location Reimbursements

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Pay-per-use roaming on public chargers

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Independent Driver and Location support

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Monetise Locations

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