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We are building the energy infrastructure for a greener future by enabling fleets to charge their electric vehicles sustainably. We connect drivers, vehicles, charging stations and renewable energy sources to make a tangible impact on climate change.


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ZimiTM simplifies the charging experience for any fleet that is transitioning to electric vehicles. 

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Charge your electric fleet. Anywhere.


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Michael Maas. ZIMI CEO. Electric vehicle charging company CEO.

Michael Maas


Stefan Nel. Director of ZIMI. Zimi. Zimi Electric charger. Electric Fleet. Zimi Electric fleet chargers.

Stefan Nel


“Easy to use and convenient! Makes planning my daily charges a breeze.”

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App user

"We have been looking for ways to go more green for the past few years. The issue was that we couldn't find a partner that understood our current and future needs. This collaboration will help build momentum toward sustainability and e-mobility for our employees and customers."

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“Best app ever! Very quick and intuitive, really saved my life.”

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our Services

Eletric fleet charging solution

Charging Infrastructure

We roll out charging stations at any of your locations to scale electric vehicle operations.

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Energy Management

Charge when it makes sense to ensure you can deliver on time while saving energy costs.

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Capitalise on your existing sustainable energy investments by using your own energy to power vehicles. Accurately track and quantify your carbon savings across your entire fleet.

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